Watercolour Workshop in Gargrave near Skipton.


These monthly classes are suited to both beginners and improvers. In these workshops Alison breaks down some of the mystery of watercolour painting. Of course anything worth doing does take a bit of effort and a bit of practise but it is easier than you think. Using carefully chosen exercises you will create some amazing art that you will be proud of. To begin watercolour painting all you need is some basic equipment to get you started on the journey of discovery and creation, and it can be a very pleasurable pastime. You will gradually build up the skills and gain the confidence necessary to create those magical effects you get from watercolours. Most aspects of this fascinating medium will be covered by means of demonstrations, painting along with Alison in the studio, and plenty of one to one help and guidance. These workshops are suited to both beginners and improvers.
It’s all about having fun, meeting people and relaxing.

To Book Please contact Alison on  07743007784.

Tutorial: This ia painting I did of Heavenly blue Convolulus

First I traced the image onto watercolour paper. I then masked out the flowers. I wet the whole of the background area and dropped in various colours. I try to put the same colours in the back ground as I intend to use on the flowers. This will give your painting harmony.

Step 1:


Step 2: I started painting the space shapes/Negative shapes in a mid tone.


Step 3: I removed the masking fluid and added a deeper tone to the spaces inbetween the leaves to give more counterchange in the colour contrast. Then I painted the flowers in Ultra marine blue with a touch of Opera Rose. Which is a vibrant pink. Hope you like it.