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Paint Along and Introduction to Watercolour Workshops in The Yorkshire Dales

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Please contact me to book your place and for more information. Email: or telephone Alison on 07743007784.

Alison currently weekly Classes suited to both beginners and intermediates. In these workshops Alison breaks down some of the mystery of watercolour painting. Although most students come for a day out and to meet other people with the same interest. Alison takes you through step by step  to build up a complete painting. Of course anything worth doing does take a bit of effort and a bit of practise but it is easier than you think. Using carefully chosen techniques you will create some amazing art that you will be proud of. To begin watercolour painting all you need is some basic equipment to get you started on the journey of discovery and creation, and it can be a very pleasurable pastime. You will gradually build up the skills and gain the confidence necessary to create those magical effects you get from watercolours. Most aspects of this fascinating medium will be covered by means of demonstrations, painting along with Alison in the studio, and plenty of one to one help and guidance. Why not give it a try!

Wise words from author Mark Linley:

In Art when we think “I can” so be it. We really can,because it is a positive thought which programmes every brain cell towards this end. Where so many people go wrong is that they allow self doubt to interfere. They worry about whether they can draw something. more than about how to do so. If you think you can’t draw a landscape. you will be right; you will fail. This wrong instruction (“I can’t”) will be acted upon by your subconscious mind – your “computer” – just as quickly and as powerfully as when you have “I can” working for you. Unfortunately, many of us seem to be brainwashed to think negatively. Perhaps lack of encouragement during our school-days has resulted in what has become a bad habit. But habits can be changed! You just have to know that we all have unlimited potential. That means you, your grandmother, Uncle Ted and me!

My Diary for 2017

  • February 20th (Mon)  – Art Demonstration at Bramhope art Club 7pm
  • March 22nd (Wed)  –  Watercolour workshop at Artison at Masham 10am to 4pm
  • April 2nd  to 7th (Sun to Fri) – Watercolour painting holiday at Willersley Castle Cromford, near Matlock Derbyshire.
  • April 23rd to 28th (Sun to Fri)  – Watercolour painting holiday at Abbot Hall, Grange-Over-Sands in Cumbria.
  • May 6th (Sat)  – Watercolour workshop for North Yorkshire Art Society at Scotton Village Hall near knaresborough 10am to 3pm.
  • August 11th to 12th (Fri, Sat) – Stand at Ilkley art show.
  • August 13th to 18th (Sun to Fri) – Watercolour painting holiday at Willersley Castle Cromford, near Matlock Derbyshire.
  • September 10th (Sun) – Watercolour workshop at Artison at Masham 10am to 4pm.
  • October 29th to Nov 3rd – Watercolour painting holiday at Abbot Hall, Grange-Over-Sands in Cumbria.

Guest and Student Comments

To Alison,

Thank you for your help and inspiration to us all.



Dear Alison,

Thank you so much for introducing me to ‘fizzing’ tulips and how to paint glass.


Dear Alison,
Thank you for your demonstration yesterday evening, I think I speak for all the members that attended the session that you presented a very enjoyable and informative watercolour demonstration. We have some veterans amongst us but it shows that you are never too old to learn something different.
I found your method very easy and relaxed to follow and produced a pleasing picture.